What Are the Benefits of Using Dsc Thermal Analysis?

When you measure the heat flow of the test sample and compare that to another material that has already been tested and referenced, you can compare the differences and measure the degree of crystallinity and oxidation. This thermal analysis procedure is known as DSC testing.

Understanding The Heat Testing

The DSC testing measures a sample as it is heated or cooled. The measurement produces information about the energy that is absorbed by the sample or released.

The actual sample sits on a constantan disc, on a platform within the DSC cell. It is the chromal-alumel thermocouple which measures the temperature of the sample. A similar setup without a sample is tested alongside so that the heat flow can be measured in both cells. In this manner, you can easily compare the temperature differences between the sample and the reference test.

The sample set forward for DSC testing must be of a noncorrosive material. Corrosive materials can destroy the main cell of the testing machinery.

What Are the Main Uses of the DSC Test?

This method of thermal analysis is used to inspect the thermal properties of a range of materials. The samples used can include a range of pharmaceutical materials as well as food and wax. Some organisations will wish to test oil and lubricants and others will select a range of fertilisers. For oils and fats, experts will choose to understand the induction period of the oxidative within the product. In many circumstances the testing is to collect information about sealants, adhesives and plastics.

For polymers and plastics, the testing will assess the energy associated with the transition between crystalline to amorphous.

The examination may be used to understand how a material will react to stability during thermal testing. It may also provide results that show the reactions of kinetics in the sample.

To carry out DSC testing, you must first select a professional testing organisation who can offer years of experience in this field. A close inspection of the personnel and the most up-to-date testing and technology will provide you with the safety in understanding that you can be satisfied with the results.

By close investigation, you will be able to compare whether the tests you wish to carry out form part of the organisation’s regular previous experience or just a test they list to improve their visibility.

A professional testing organisation will make it easy for you to provide the samples with the result easily available after a short period of time.

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