The Benefits Of Purchasing A Used GC MS

In laboratories and testing facilities where there is a need for identification of small samples or when low detection limits will be a factor to consider, the gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) is often the go-to testing option.

There are two options when considering this equipment for any lab. The first option is to buy a system new and the second is to choose a used GC MS. There are benefits to both, but with the significant cost savings of the used system, this should be a primary consideration for any lab that has a smaller equipment budget or limited operating capital.

Lower Costs

When choosing to purchase the used GC MS from a recognized, established medical and analytical equipment company, the lower costs are a primary consideration. These companies may offer new models of GC MS systems at half price or even up to seventy percent of the cost of the same model if purchased brand new.

As the buyer, you can choose from their on-hand inventory or submit a request for a particular brand, model and even year of GC MS. The best companies will then work with their buyers to attempt to track down the model you want and need as part of their service.


With a refurbished GC MS, the best companies will provide a warranty. This will give protection to the buyer and also speak to the professionalism and reputation of the pre-owned equipment company.

As the company will complete the refurbishing or the testing of the used GC MS equipment, quality assurance and control is built into the process. The in-house work is very different than buying from a general medical and testing equipment website where the seller is more of a broker and is simply handling the financial aspects of the purchase.

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