What Are Arizona’s Lemon Laws and In What Situations Do They Apply?

by | Nov 21, 2019 | Law

Under Arizona state law, a person is entitled to lemon law rights concerning their vehicle when certain parameters are met.

A car that is considered a “lemon” is a car that is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty but expresses ongoing defects that disable the driver from being able to successfully utilize the car for his or her needs.

Read on for more information about Arizona lemon laws and what specific parameters should be met to be able to file a claim concerning defects in your vehicle.

Arizona Lemon Law

Although most states have laws against defective vehicles, every state has their own set of parameters pertaining to what constitutes a “lemon”.

In Arizona, only new vehicles recieve full protection under the state’s lemon laws. Additionally, the buyer or person making the claim must have given the manufacturer time to have addressed the reoccurring issue pertaining to the vehicle.

Once your vehicle has been repaired four or more times, or has been in the shop for more than 30 consecutive or non-consecutive days total, then the manufacturer becomes obligated to supply you with a new vehicle or a refund.

Filing a Claim

The manufacturer is responsible for providing you with a refund or a car that is the same make, model, year and condition of the original car purchased. If the car that is given to you is older, or is in worse shape than the previous, the manufacturer must also supply you with a refund for the difference in value.

If the manufacturer refuses to refund your money or replace your car with a new one, you will likely need to contact an attorney. You also need to make sure that as you are going through the process of having your car repaired, you are submitting hand-written notices to the manufacturer detailing what is going on with your vehicle, and what your expectations are. Doing so, while also retaining copies of these notices, will greatly help you build your case.

To learn more about Arizona lemon laws, or to get in contact with a lemon law attorney, contact Krohn & Moss Ltd. Consumer Law Center, or visit us online.

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