3 Ways a Chicago Class Action Attorney Can Help Your Injury Claim

by | Jun 21, 2024 | Law

A class action lawsuit is a legal claim in which multiple people have been injured as the result of an organization’s negligence. These cases are more complex than most injury claims filed by a single individual. There are several factors that will tell you that hiring a class action lawyer in Chicago is the best action to take.

Manage Lawsuits Across Multiple Jurisdictions

Many class action lawsuits require bringing a case against a company that’s headquartered in a different city or state. Alternatively, the group of plaintiffs in the case might be composed of individuals who live in different locations. These factors require an attorney experienced in handling cases in multiple jurisdictions where the laws may differ.

Experience in Dealing with Bigger Stakes

A class action lawsuit has bigger stakes in terms of the number of plaintiffs, the size of the defendant, and the damages sought in a claim. For example, a suit might seek millions of dollars from a large corporation with commercial businesses in several different states. A class action attorney will be more adept at handling cases with bigger stakes. Their specialized experience can increase your chances for a favorable outcome.

Address the Violation of Your Rights

Most of the time, a plaintiff will seek financial compensation for the damages they suffered. They will seek a monetary award to cover their medical care costs, lost wages, and other damages. When a case also involves a violation of your constitutional rights, you’ll need the expertise of a class action lawyer in Chicago. This type of attorney will seek a judgment that protects those rights for you and for others.

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