Two Important Questions About Chimney Inspection And Cleaning In Carroll County, MD

by | Jan 15, 2016 | Chimney

Homeowners who burn wood in a stove or fireplace should make it a priority to contact a company that specializes in Chimney Cleaning in Carroll County MD, at least once a year. The dangers of a chimney fire are real, and an annual inspection, cleaning, and taking care of any needed repairs will keep you and your family safe. Homeowners can find out more information about the importance of a chimney inspection and cleaning by reading the two questions listed below.

Q.) What causes a chimney to be unsafe and a potential fire hazard?

A.) As wood burns inside a fireplace or wood stove, it releases various substances including gasses, smoke, and carbon. These substances travel the length of the chimney and exit through the top of the structure. As this matter moves through the chimney, it leaves a sticky residue, called creosote, on the sides of the chimney walls. As the creosote continues to cling to the sides of the chimney, it builds up and gets thick. Since creosote is a substance that’s highly flammable, it can catch on fire inside the chimney if it’s not periodically removed.

Q.) What does an inspector look for when doing a chimney inspection?

A.) An inspector will examine the structure of the chimney and look for cracks in the mortar and broken or loose bricks. If the damage to the chimney poses a safety hazard, the inspector will recommend chimney repairs. The inspector looks for obstructions inside the chimney that could prevent the smoke from exiting the top of the flue. An inspector will also check the amount of creosote that’s on the chimney walls. After completing the inspection, the inspector can let the homeowner know if it’s time for the chimney to be cleaned by a professional who specializes in Chimney Cleaning in Carroll County MD.

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