Treatment Programs for Addiction and Recovery

Anyone can become addicted to a substance, and it isn’t just the stereotypical teenager. Addiction affects people of all ages, from small children to seniors. A Drug Rehab Center Salt Lake City Utah can provide patients with the medical, psychological, and social support that they need to get a successful start on their recovery program.

A person who has just been admitted for an addiction may need an inpatient program to help them safely manage the detox process. It is during this time that patients can be particularly physically vulnerable. Unlike some may think, patients should not be encouraged to simply quit by going cold turkey. Often the condition must be managed medically in order to help the patient transition safely off of the substance.

Some treatment centers focus on drugs or alcohol while others focus on treatment for both kinds of addiction. Some treatment programs are inpatient programs, in which the patient may live on the campus for several weeks or several months. If the facility has an outpatient program as well, that may be more supportive as a way for patients to transition from inpatient treatment to outpatient visits for continued support as they learn to manage their addiction.

Treatment programs often use the 12-step approach to recovery. It’s also called recovery no matter how long the patient has been seeking treatment for their addiction. Addiction has psychological as well as physical components, and it’s acknowledged as being a real disease. The 12 steps of recovery include admitting that a person has an addiction, acknowledging the power of the addiction, and accepting that there is a higher power that patients can turn to for help in their recovery.

These programs also require participants to acknowledge not just the disease’s power over them, but they also expect the patient to own up to the hurts and damages they have caused to others as a result of their addiction. In this sense, a 12-step recovery program involves patients to look within themselves, acknowledge their own shortcomings, and to take responsibility for the harm they may have caused in relationships with others as well as the harm they’ve caused themselves.

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