Choosing the Right Drug Rehabilitation Center

by | Sep 19, 2013 | Healthcare

Many who are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction have tried to quit on their own only to suffer from withdrawal symptoms that were so difficult and scary to get through that they found themselves unable to quit. Drug and alcohol addiction is a lifelong disease, but it can be managed if you get the right support from a Drug Rehab Center Phoenix Arizona. Addiction is different for everyone, as everyone has their own unique perfect storm of circumstances that brought them to this point. Finding the right treatment center is a personal decision, as they may have different philosophies and differing methods of treatment, so the right treatment center for one person may not be right for everyone.

Some treatment centers offer day programs only, which may be the right program for you. This kind of program is called outpatient treatment. It may be appropriate for someone whose condition is not as physically severe and for someone who is able to function effectively from day to day with going to school or a job. Patients on an outpatient basis have a lot more freedom, although they are still held accountable for doing the work during their counseling sessions.

Other centers offer inpatient programs where a patient can be monitored 24 hours a day if needed. Patients can get treatment if they come into the center already overdosed, which needs to be managed with specific medications like Suboxone. They can be treated medically for nausea, sweating, and anxiety. Inpatient programs may last for several months, and after that, patients may be transitioned over to a day program. If the treatment facility is an inpatient center and it’s out of town, the center may be able to refer a patient to a reputable day program once the patient returns home.

In selecting the right inpatient program, ask questions about where you’ll be living and about the rules you will have to follow. You can ask about the living quarters, what they’re like, and if you will be required to have a roommate. Consider the meal program, whether you can have visitors, and how often, and if you will need to surrender your electronic devices when you check in or if you can keep them with you. You can ask about the doctors’ credentials, if they require a 12-step program, and who will be in charge of your care.

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