Top 3 Types of Water Damages that Call for Flood Restoration

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Flood Restoration

There are many circumstances in which water damage can occur. We need water to survive and stay healthy, but it can be incredibly destructive when water ends up where it doesn’t belong in a household setting. Flooding caused by weather or leaks is often the culprit behind water damage, but there is more than one type of water damage that can occur.

There are three main types of water damage, and are categorized by the type of water that causes the damage. The three types are clean, gray, and black. Each type of damage will require a different kind of professional cleanup. To find out more, read for more information below about flood restoration.


While still highly damaging, clean water damage is categorized by the water causing the damage to be “clean”. When a pipe bursts or a home appliance malfunctions, this usually causes clean water damage where only a few microbes will be found in the water. The most important part of flood restoration is making sure everything is dried fully to prevent mold and fungus growth.


Grey water damage is classified by being slightly contaminated. Rain water damage and water that hasn’t been treated both qualify as gray water when they cause damage to a home or business. Since the water most likely contains microbes, more caution is required during cleanup, and professional cleanup is recommended in this case.


Black water damage is the most dangerous type. Black water damage is most commonly caused by water contaminated by toxic materials such as bacterial diseases, chemicals, pesticides, and microbes.

Any black water damage should be left to the professionals since the materials in the water can cause health problems. These professionals will have the right training and equipment to be able to clean up the water damage and waste fully, and to restore your home back to normal, all with the help of Northwest Professional Services Inc. You can also connect them on Twitter.

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