Tips For Choosing A Greenhouse Humidification System

Having a quality, dependable humidification system in a greenhouse is a must in most areas of the country. Depending on where you are located humidification may be more important in the dry winter months or it may be critical to the growth and productivity of the plants in the hot, dry summer months.

In hot climates, the addition of a misting system can also be instrumental in keeping temperatures down in the ideal growing range and avoiding the risk of stunted or poor growth with elevated temperatures.

The reality is that in most locations there will be a need for close control of humidity in a commercial greenhouse all year round. Choosing a system that is up to the task is a critical part of ensuring optimal plant growth and production and minimizing plant losses.

Size of the Greenhouse

Not all greenhouse humidification system designs are a good match for all sizes of growing operations. For commercial greenhouses with large square footage and thousands of plants having a system that can effectively provide uniform delivery of mist to all areas of the greenhouse will be an important factor.

In commercial applications, a pump is typically required on the system. This will ensure the correct pressure through the lines to ensure the same delivery of mist at the end of the rows as found at the beginning nozzles in the line.

Control of the System

There are some greenhouse systems that are manually operated or operated on timers. These may be adequate for humidity and temperature control in areas where these environmental conditions are relatively stable and large fluctuations in temperature are not common.

Most areas of the country will benefit from fully automatic systems with internal or external sensors. There are even some systems that combine this technology with fully programmable systems, CO2 sensors and the ability to control humidity within 3% of the setting and the temperature to within plus or minus one degree.

Distribution of Nutrients and Fertilizers

An important consideration for growing ornamental plants and fruit or vegetable production crops in a greenhouse is a uniform application of fertilizers and nutrients. For specific types of fertilizers, the use of a misting humidification system is the perfect distribution method.

The compounds can be added into the water and circulated through the system for a constant and measured supply of these essential components that are readily available to the plant.

The best tip in choosing a greenhouse misting and temperature control system is to shop area and compare. Contact manufacturers, get prices and features and then decide which system is best for your operation.

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