Prepare For Holiday Gift Giving With AR15 Accessories

by | Oct 3, 2016 | guns

It is never too early or too late to get started with holiday gift purchase. For a family member or a friend who is a gun enthusiast with an AR15 rifle, a gift of accessories for the weapon will be a very welcome option.

Even for non-gun owners or those with no experience with an AR15 there are some basic AR15 accessories you can purchase with complete confidence. You may want to stay away from specific items that are more complicated and required a good knowledge of the individual weapon just to be safe.

Of course, if you buy from a great online retailer and manufacturer, there is no risk of making a purchase. If the AR15 accessories turn out to be an incorrect match for the gun or just not the style preferred by the gun owner, they can be returned and exchanged for the right model or style.

Rifle Stand

An Overwatch rifle stand is a perfect option for an avid hunter or target shooter. These stands can be adjusted to the correct height and they telescope up and down for easy adjustment.

They also fold into a very compact bundle that can be added to a backpack or tied onto a gun case for easy transportation and carrying. Lightweight, made of aluminum and very durable they are an investment in comfort and stability for any type of shooting.

Iron Sights

While most people are going to use optics with an AR15, having a quality set of iron sights for backup if the optics fail or just for that authentic, old school look and feel is always a great option. These aren’t expensive, but they are an essential part of any weapon that adds to the look.


There are a lot of different looks with forearms and handguards. There are shorter or longer styles that are free float and can be railed or round. These components are designed to protect the shooter from the heat that is generated by rapid fire.

With unique looks in various colors and design options, this is one of the most common modifications and customizations on an AR15. They are easy to change out and can give a rifle a completely different look and style.

If you are looking for AR15 accessories but aren’t sure what to buy, you can always contact a trusted manufacturer or dealer and ask for ideas. Just be sure to check the refund policy before making a purchase.

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