Three Popular Ways to Use An Ice Block In Suffolk County NY

When most people think of ice, they envision small cubes used to keep drinks cold. While this is one of the most popular uses, some ice companies offer large blocks of ice that can be used in a variety of applications. Whether a person is looking to spice up the decorations of a party or ensure that food is kept safely cold, an ice block in Suffolk County, NY will be able to meet their needs. Here is a quick look at just three of the ways blocked ice can be utilized.

Ice Sculptures

An ice sculpture can quickly become the primary focal point of any party, as professional sculptures can create custom designs that are not only beautiful but functional. Placing a sculpture in a punch bowl can help keep the drink cold and prevent it from becoming watered down. Make any event more elegant by incorporating a personalized ice sculpture on any tablescapes that are used for serving drinks.

Temporary Refrigeration

Restaurant owners know the importance of keeping food adequately cold, and a power outage can cause refrigerators and freezers to escalate in temperature and threaten the safety of food quickly. Rather than risk having to throw items away, consider using ice blocks to keep walk-in coolers at safe temperatures until power can be restored. It will prevent a power outage from having devastating effects by eliminating spoiled food.

Pool Temperature Reduction

A pool can provide the perfect escape from brutal summer temperatures, but warmer climates can cause the temperature of the water to increase rapidly. To combat this, consider placing a large ice block in Suffolk County, NY in the pool, as it can quickly reduce the temperature and allow it to become a refreshing oasis. Ice blocks are an affordable way to moderate the temperature of a pool during sweltering weather.

When it comes to using ice blocks, the only limitation is a person’s imagination. The team at Ice Fuel LI has a variety of sizes in stock, and can even create custom sized products to meet the needs of any customer. Contact them to learn more and put the power of ice to work for any party or event.

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