The Value of Used Siemens Equipment

Used medical equipment, such as used Siemens equipment, is an incredibly valuable asset that should be conserved. If this type of medical equipment is to be reused, it must be managed in a steadfast manner in order to avoid a number of risks for healthcare professionals, patients and users to make absolutely certain that the equipment is just as safe and operative as it was when it was brand new.

Who is Siemens?

Siemens is a prominent provider and manufacturer of a wide range equipment all over the world for not only the healthcare industry, but also the automotive, beverage, chemicals, food, gas, oil, pharmaceutical and a long list of additional industries. This company is widely acknowledged for their innovative equipment and solutions for a variety of needs.

They are one of the largest healthcare industry suppliers in the world. The company is also known for setting trends in hearing aids, laboratory diagnostics, medical imaging as well as medical information technology. Used Siemens equipment is useful in anesthesiology, audiology, cardiology, critical care, dentistry, diagnostic imaging, oncology and surgery.

What Type of Used Equipment is Available?

Among the most popular used Siemens+ equipment options are those associated with ultrasound imaging and respiratory ventilators. In 2003, Maquet acquired the Siemens respiratory brand. However, the name remains quite popular in the aftermarket. Siemens ultrasound equipment includes some of the most cutting-edge, appreciated and well-known instruments in the marketplace.

By using Siemens ultrasound machines, doctors have the ability to expand their clinical services offered, which are designed specifically to meet the needs of their practice. These ultrasound systems have elite functions that collect comprehensive information and vital details, which are necessary for the most accurate diagnostic decisions in a wide range of medical specialties, such as radiology, OB/GYN and cardiovascular.

A used Siemens ultrasound machine is going to provide you with the exact same remarkable image quality that you would expect from a brand new model. The only difference is that used Siemens equipment can be purchased for a price that is much for affordable to all medical offices.

The companies that offer these systems for sale follow an extensive process to ensure the quality and functionality of the equipment. Each part of the used system is meticulously cleaned and repaired if necessary. In addition, the used equipment is typically tested extensively to ensure that it is operating at the original equipment specifications set forth by the manufacturer.

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