Are Used Thermo Fisher Instruments The Best Choice?

Thermo Fisher is a world recognized name in the field of medical and laboratory testing equipment and other product lines. You will find Thermo Fisher instruments in use in top hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, testing laboratories and research facilities across the globe.

As such, the Thermo Fisher name is also a more costly option with the demand and the stellar reputation of the company. Unfortunately, many labs simply pass on considering the addition of Thermo Fisher instruments to their lab due to the cost of buying new. What these labs may be overlooking is the option to buy a quality used Thermo Fisher instruments at a fraction of the costs of new.

Quality Matters in Used Equipment

One of the most important considerations when evaluating the benefits of used Thermo Fisher instruments is the quality of the machine or system. Used equipment that is not fully refurbished or tested by the medical equipment supplier is not going to be a good deal for your lab.

By working with an established used medical equipment supplier it is possible to find fully refurbished or tested used Thermo Fisher instruments that are more than half of the cost of brand new. It is also possible to find equipment that is more advanced than would be possible with the purchasing budget if only new were to be considered.

With quality equipment buying used is an excellent option. Some labs find that choosing quality used allows for more regular upgrades without the high investment in working capital required when purchasing brand new.

Commitment by the Medical Supply Company

For the larger systems and equipment by Thermo Fisher, look for a used medical supplier that offers a warranty on their equipment that is fully refurbished. This provides an additional layer of protection and confidence in making the purchase and knowing the equipment will arrive in top working and cosmetic condition.

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