The Role Of The AR15 Gas Block

by | Nov 9, 2017 | Business

One of the many values in owning an AR15 is the ability to customize a great number of the parts and components on the gun. This customization adds to the look of the weapon but, depending on the specific component, it can also add to the weapon’s performance.

A common starting point for customizing an AR15 is to change out the rail or perhaps add a set of back up iron sights. At the same time, it may be a great idea to add a new AR15 gas block to add to your shooting experience.

What the Gas Block Does

The AR15 gas block plays an important role in the firing of the weapon. In a very simplified explanation, it allows some of the gas that is created in the firing of a shot to divert up through the gas block and into the gas tube.

The gas is a byproduct of the propellant that is used on the bullet. As the bullet is fired, the propellant vaporizes and creates the explosion of gas that allows the bullet to travel with velocity out of the muzzle of the gun.

Some of this gas moves up through the AR15 gas block and down the gas tube, back to the front of the bolt where it assists in rapidly forcing the bolt backward. As the bolt moves backward, the spent casing is ejected out the chamber.

In very rapid succession, the bolt hits the buffer spring and immediately starts to return to the forward position, stripping a new round into the chamber and allowing the gun to be fired.

Choosing a top of the line AR 15 gas block can help with the performance of the weapon. While very simple in design and function, they are an essential part of the firing process and are a good component to consider for weapon customization.

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