How to Learn the Most about Preservation

by | Nov 9, 2017 | Arts and Entertainment

If you love the historical artwork, documents, building, architecture, and want to learn how to restore it for generations to come, then you should seek a graduate program that can make this happen. Many well-known art schools have a Historic Preservation Graduate Program that can teach you all of this and more. These programs should be designed to enhance your love for preservation through a variety of tactile learning approaches. This way you learn through doing.

Hands on Learning

There are many schools that probably have programs relating to historic preservation. However, you want to find a school that offers the most learning. You must find a school that has a program that offers an abundance of hands on learning through field work experience. It is one thing to be enrolled in a program and get lectured on concepts, but going on site to historical places, and experiencing the preservation process by doing it yourself, brings on a whole new and higher level of learning. While in a program that offers field work you should get a firsthand look and even partake in preservations such as old buildings, paintings, documents, statues, and much more. The options of what can be preserved are really limitless.


One way for you to know if a historic preservation program is a right match for you, is through others’ critiques. It is always nice to ask around for previous student’s feedback. Most of the time, students are brutality honest, which is great for you to get a complete understanding of what the program should be like for you. You should not limit your inquiries to just the course descriptions and what goes on, but also inquire about the educator’s approach and methods to teaching the program. You know how you learn best, so you can read what other students wrote, or ask them, which should give you a clearer perspective in choosing the program that best suits your learning style.

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