The Preferred Metal for Implants at Dental Clinics in Port Orange

Dental implants have three components. A metal rod goes into the jawbone and gradually fuses with the bone. A cosmetic crown stays on a metal device that screws into the rod. That screw is technically known as an abutment. Qualified practitioners at dental clinics in Port Orange provide implants for patients who want to replace missing teeth.

About Abutments

Abutments should not be viewable after the gum tissue heals around them. You can have unique abutments made in a laboratory to be an ideal fit for the patient and ensure that no part of the screw is visible. However, that costs more than the standard ones. Most dental insurance plans still do not cover implants, and those that do are unlikely to cover upgrades. Dentists strongly advocate for insurance companies to pay for implants because the rods stimulate new jawbone cell growth, just as natural teeth roots do.

Advantages of Titanium

The most common metal used by dental clinics in Port Orange for both the rods and abutments is titanium. The biocompatibility of this metal makes it highly favorable not only for dental implants but also for joint replacement. Although the abutments are not attached to the jawbone, they always are touching the gum tissue. Many other kinds of metal cause irritation and itching because of sensitivity issues. Titanium is strong and durable while also being lightweight.

Anyone who wants to have one or more dental implants placed may contact Cardinal Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates with details provided at

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