The Importance of Pressure Sensors

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Electronics Manufacturer

Many businesses today have the need to measure pressure. Years ago, stock or OEM pressure sensor was simply a round gauge attached to an airline, so air pressure could be continually monitored during a process. Although this is still essential for some industries, modern technology has brought on, even more, needs for pressure sensing and measurement. Let’s take a closer look at pressure measuring and the important role in plays today in business.

What is a Pressure Sensor?
Normally a pressure sensor is there to measure the degree of pressure within a defined area. It could be liquids, gases, or other mediums. Once pressure is measured it can be read manually from a gauge but the OEM pressure sensor of today also must act as a transducer. This means it takes a mechanical measurement and turns into a digital signal which can be read by electronic equipment.

Pressure meters go by many names in the 21st Century. Here are some of them you will find:
* Manometers
* Pressure transmitters
* Pressure sending units
* Pressure transducers
* Piezometers (quartz)
* Pressure indicators

When you see these names, the basic function is still the same in most cases.

Why had Transduction?
It is very important to have digital records of pressure in many kinds of applications today. This is especially important because computer technology is required to run many processes. By keeping track of pressure readings digitally, pressure can not only be monitored; it can be regulated. This is vital for any application which requires some warning or action when the pressure becomes too high or too low.

There is a wide range of applications for pressure sensing equipment today. It varies so much because there are many different technologies depending on this type of equipment. In fact, there are hundreds of companies manufacturing pressure monitoring equipment.

Dynamic pressure sensing devices are also required today. They are commonly used in high-speed pressure applications like the compression inside chambers of internal combustion motors. A standard gauge meter would be used to check for compression while the motor is not running. To monitor compression during operation, a piezoelectric type sensor is commonly used.

You will find several types of OEM pressure sensor equipment on the market today. For example:
* Absolute pressure
* Vacuum pressure
* Gauge
* Differential pressure
* Sealed pressure

As you can see, with so many needs for pressure measurements today, it is important to find the right source for your industry and specific applications. Be sure to choose a company with years in the business and a reputation for exceptional customer service.

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