Is Your Back Pain Being Properly Treated?

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Physical Therapy

Over three-quarters of the world’s population will experience back pain at some point in their life. From mild aches and sprains, to debilitating cervical impairments that limit mobility, back pain treatment options can vary greatly. If you suffer from some form of injury, one of your most important goals is to get better quickly. However, if you are not receiving the appropriate treatment for your injuries, it can prolong the recovery time. To be sure you are undergoing the best possible treatment; make sure your doctor follows these guidelines.

The Proper Treatment Begins With the Correct Diagnosis

Doctors have a responsibility to ensure that each patient is given the appropriate diagnosis, and to this effect they should not be willing to leave any part of the diagnosis to guesswork. Back injuries can often be difficult to pinpoint, which means the diagnosis should include:

• physical examinations,
• x-rays and other imaging scans, and
• detailed patient interviews to determine potential source of injuries.

Good Treatments Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

No two patients are identical, which means no two treatment plans should be identical. There are often similarities between patients with the same type of injury, but a doctor should never assign the exact same regimen to every patient. Metabolism, severity of injuries, age and gender are just a few reasons why it is crucial to evaluate and treat on a case-by-case basis. Points that should differ on patient treatment plans are:

• medication regimens,
• physical therapy regimens, and
• alternative medicine therapies.

Treating Back Injuries Requires a Multiple Discipline Approach

Doctors that specialize in back injuries have often come to realize that it is more than just simply treating a physical injury. Pain, as well as limitations on mobility, can greatly impact a person’s life. To address these complications, your doctor should also coordinate with other medical professionals. You may need counselling to help cope with temporary or permanent impairments, or you may need additional rehabilitation to help improve your recovery.

Your doctor may have the expertise to assign all of the needed treatments, but he or she should keep in mind that sometimes it is best to work in a group with other professionals. As a rule of thumb, a doctor who treats physical injuries is not as qualified to treat the psychological damages as a psychiatrist would, yet treating the mind as well as the body is essential to making a full recovery.

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