The Benefits Of Automated Packaging

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Business

Throughout history, engineers, inventors and visionaries in industry have worked to create more cost-effective options for producing, manufacturing, processing and packaging all types of items. This can include foods, dry goods, small and large items or anything that is going to be sold packaged.

The development of automated packaging directly relates to the increase in the use of computers, technology and automatic functioning on production and packaging lines. However, when the first automated systems were rolled out for production, there were a lot of complications, problems and inefficiencies. With continual development and improvement, the modern packaging equipment of today is fast, accurate and reliable, and is a part of virtually all consumer goods and food items.

Types of Equipment

When it comes to automated packaging, there are two different levels of automation possible. One is the semi-automated packaging, which means that there is still the need for some level of operator control or machine setup.

These are still a good option, particularly on a production line where there is limited change in the size or type of packaging required. This equipment may have limitations as well as to the packaging types that can be completed using the machine.

The second option is fully automated packaging. This, as the name implies, uses auto sensors within the equipment to adjust for different product coming into the machine. This can include different forms of bagging, different sizes of trays or different packaging needs on the respective type of equipment on the line.

Most systems today use the fully auto packaging equipment. With simple touch screen controls or controls through the computer system, adjustments can be made on the machine or in a remote location.

The Benefits

While many companies choose automated packaging to save on costs and improve the efficiency of production, there are other benefits to consider as well.

One of the most important factors in moving from manual packaging to automatic systems is the quality control possible. This is important for consumer protection as well as for cost savings in decreased waste on the line or during the checks before shipping.

With the advanced systems of today, automated packaging is essential for controlled atmosphere packaging with is used with fresh foods and edible items. This level of safety and perfect control of the seal and the atmosphere simply would not be possible if each item were packaged by hand.

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