The Basics of Heavy Duty Recovery Towing

by | Sep 21, 2015 | Towing & Recovery

Most towing jobs in the area are fairly routine. Typically, they involve a tow-truck driver hooking up a car or truck that is easily accessible, a process that can be completed by a lone person in a few, simple minutes. That often means towing a personal vehicle from an inappropriate parking spot or bringing a stricken, broken-down one to a local garage. Whatever the particular circumstances, most of these jobs are simple and easy to take care of.

On the other hand, there is also a steady stream of towing work that asks quite a bit more from drivers and the trucks that are used for it. When a heavy duty truck like an eighteen wheeler, dump truck, or other such vehicle breaks down, the towing equipment that is normally used will no longer suffice. Instead, special vehicles and tools will normally be deployed, along with techniques and strategies more appropriate to the large size of the load.

Even these jobs, though, do not represent the peak of towing difficulty. The field of Heavy Duty Recovery Towing, which involves pulling such heavy loads from the most difficult locations, is a specialized one that demands even more from those who participate in it.

Specialists at Heavy Duty Recovery Towing, for example, might be called upon to recover an eighteen wheeler that went out of control and ended up at the bottom of a steep, slippery embankment. Instead of the simple, straightforward towing work that so many people are familiar with, a job like this will require a whole lot more in the way of thinking and focused tactics.

That can even include making use of equipment that is not normally associated with towing at all.

Jobs of this kind, in fact, can even involve the use of hand tools like straps and basic winches. It can take quite a while, and a lot of effort before a heavy truck or similar piece of equipment can even be moved into position for towing. Once there, though, the work thereafter will more closely resemble the kind of towing that most are already familiar with.

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