Quikwhip for Quickest, Least Expensive Fixture Whip Connection

by | Sep 16, 2015 | Electrical

Engineered Products Company (EPCO) has the market cornered on saving time and money installing electrical systems with its pre-fabricated, ready-to-install QuikwhipTM Fixture Whip. Time tests reveal an average savings of 3 minutes per fixture installation, or an approximate installed costs savings of $2-3 per fixture.

Tool-less installation without lock nuts and wire nuts make fixture whip termination faster and more dependable. There are WAGO® push-wire 4-port connectors and 2 die-cast snap-in connectors on each end of the Quikwhip that snap directly into the fixture housing. Easily insert the fixture’s conductors into the corresponding ports on the WAGO® connector—no wire nuts to twist or taping required. Solid or Stranded THHN Conductors are enclosed in 6 feet of 3/8-inch Flexible Steel Conduit.

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