Teen Alcoholics Need Los Angeles Alcohol Rehab

by | May 6, 2016 | Drug Addiction

In high school, teens are facing a lot of stress and difficulties growing up and may feel pressured by peers to experiment with different substances including drinking alcohol. When teens have emotional issues and are pressured to drink they can quickly become addicted to alcohol. When their drinking habits become out of hand it can lead to them needing medical and mental intervention through Los Angeles alcohol rehab services so that they can recover and have a healthier adolescence.

Reasons Teens Use Alcohol

Peer pressure is one reason teens often turn to drinking alcohol. They may go to parties and find that they can easily drink or all their friends are drinking and they feel like they have to join to fit in with the crowd. Once they try alcohol, teens may enjoy the relaxed feeling or lowered inhibitions that alcohol gives them and it also might make them feel more grown up. However, if they end up abusing it and find it difficult to quit they will need Los Angeles alcohol rehab services.

Some teens end up using alcohol because their parents or other relatives use it and it seems like the norm in their family. In other cases they may have poor self-esteem and feel that drinking opens them up to being more social or makes them the life of the party. Some teens are experiencing depression, anxiety or even some type of mental illness and do not know how to cope with their feelings. They may choose to self-medicate their problems through drinking alcohol.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse in Teens

Parents need to be on the lookout for possible signs of alcohol use or abuse in their teens. If they exhibit outward signs like smelling of alcohol or slurring their speech then they are most likely drinking. If they are having changes in their academic performance, loss of interest in activities, or are getting in trouble then their drinking has probably taken a turn for the worse. Long term alcohol consumption can cause serious problems like liver damage or even brain damage, so addiction needs to be caught early on and treated by a Los Angeles rehab center.

Los Angeles Rehab Helps People of All Ages

Rehab centers don’t just help teens, they can help people of all ages, as well as helping an alcoholic teen’s family. Families need to be able to discuss things with their teens and learn to develop a communication strategy. If you need advice on helping your teen recover from alcohol abuse, call a Los Angeles rehab center right away.

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