Selecting The Best Distillery Wastewater Treatment And Disposal System

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Waste Management

With an increasing number of smaller craft breweries, distilleries and local wineries in most areas of the country, there is an increasing awareness of the challenges wastewater from these production facilities creates.

There are two different types of wastewater that are produced through the process of making wine, beers, and spirits. The two different issues to consider when it comes to distillery wastewater treatment and disposal is in the organic solids that are present from the wastewater produced during the manufacturing of alcohol and the wastewater that is produced from the cleaning of the system.

The factors that make this water a challenge for municipal wastewater treatment facilities included the low pH levels of the water, the BOD or biochemical oxygen demand in the effluent wastewater as well as the levels of dissolved and suspended solids in the water.

A Cost-Effective Solution

A highly effective option of a distillery wastewater treatment and disposal system is a dewatering system. These systems operate using a roll-off tank or container that serves as the dewatering unit, allowing the water to enter into the tank and the dissolved and the suspended solids to fall to the bottom of the system.

This system can operate around the clock and, once set up and configured for the specific wastewater needs, it is fully automated. With up to 30 cubic yards of solid biowaste capacity, these tanks are cost-effective to operate, and emptying can be scheduled to work with the operation.

In many cases, the biosolid material can be used in agricultural processes, which can help to dramatically reduce the cost of the solid waste disposal, or even generated a small amount of revenue. This, combined with the ability of the treated effluence wastewater to be safely drained into the sewer system, should be a central consideration when choosing a distillery wastewater treatment and disposal system for your distillery business.

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