Reasons Why Homeowners Appreciate Gas Fireplace Inserts in St. Paul MN

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Fireplaces

Gas Fireplace Inserts in St. Paul MN converts a wood-burning fireplace to a gas one. Many homeowners love the look and the warmth of the traditional fireplace but don’t like the hassle involved with wood. They don’t want to haul wood into the house, start and maintain a fire, or clean up the mess of wood debris and dirt.

The gas insert is also significantly more effective at providing heat than a wood fireplace is. People usually must keep adding more wood to a fireplace throughout an evening or afternoon since it receives so much air, causing the wood to burn more rapidly. Another option would be a wood stove insert, which can burn the material much more slowly. However, that option also leaves homeowners dealing with the hassles of wood.

Gas Fireplace Inserts in St. Paul MN can heat a large room or, when centrally located in an open area, can keep that larger space warm. Having the insert allows homeowners to turn the thermostat down as long as they are congregated in this area, thus cutting utility costs. The gas-fueled flames function as a space heater of sorts. Some people find that one of these inserts can heat an entire home as long as the structure is small and only one story. The situation is more favorable when the building is relatively square in shape rather than rectangular and the fireplace is in the middle.

These features also have the advantage of boosting resale price for homes. Many real estate shoppers look for a place with a fireplace and greatly prefer the gas-fueled versions. Along with greater convenience, the gas models are considered more environmentally friendly. They don’t spew creosote into the atmosphere and their smoke production is limited.

Homeowners who have a company like The Fireplace Guys put an insert in a traditional wood fireplace will probably start to find family members and their friends congregated in there on a regular basis, particularly when winter arrives with its bitterly cold temperatures. They’ll appreciate the cozy warmth and soothing view of the orange flames.

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