Three Ways Automated Packaging Equipment Saves Your Business Money

Many small food companies dismiss the idea of automating their processes, believing the option is just too expensive for a business of their size. You might be surprised to learn that automated packaging equipment is a great option for businesses of many different sizes, and that your business will actually save money in the long run by choosing an automated option. Here are three areas where you’ll save money by automating your packaging.

1. Salary Expenses – Automating your packaging process will save you money when compared to hiring enough additional employees to meet the growing demand of your orders. Machines require only a little expense in maintenance once paid for and will last for years. Machines don’t take sick days or vacations. Compared to the cost of salary, benefits and employee overhead, packaging machines are much more cost effective and reliable.
2. Consistent Packaging – When food is packed by hand, it is inevitable that some packages will be over packed, while others will be under packed. Over the long haul, this results in food waste. An automated packing machine will precisely measure each portion before packing, making your food go further.
3. Longer Shelf Life – Automated packaging equipment uses modified atmosphere packaging, ensuring a completely airtight seal that you just can’t get through hand packaging. This means your packages have a longer shelf life, so less food is wasted if orders are sluggish for a little while.

These advantages of automated packing help ensure that this option is affordable for businesses of nearly every size. Though there is an upfront investment involved in purchasing packaging equipment, this cost is recouped quickly, and produces savings for many years to come.

Talk to a packaging solutions company to find out which options might work for your business. There are a wide variety of solutions available, to suit every size line, every product and every company budget. Engineers will work with you to customize your solution so it’s perfect for your business. You can even project how quickly the machine will pay for itself and when you’ll start to see real savings.

Saving money is important to every business owner. When you can cut costs in day-to-day operations, you allow yourself freedom to explore further options for growing your business, or just allow yourself a little more money in your pocket. Whichever option you choose, you’ll be glad you took the time to add automated packaging to your food line.

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