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Digital printing is the best if the objective is to quick-turn a project. Digital allows for customization, personalization, and is an ideal choice for short-run printing jobs. Digital printing is the right choice for those who demand quality but have a small budget. Typically, an offset-publishing service requires several mechanical steps. The steps include the creation of proofs, stripping pieces together, and the production of plates. For short runs, costs are contained when the job is done on digital equipment. Business moves quickly. It is common to expect that supporting printed materials be as up-to-date as the product. Digital designs are quick and easy to update or change.

Digital printing is not the right approach for every printing task. Digital printing is the ideal choice for short-run jobs. If you need more than 100 copies, offset is the better choice. There is a negligible difference in the quality, but for anything other than a short run, offset is less expensive per piece. Digital printing is usually priced “per piece.” The unit cost per piece for offset printing is based on quantity. The higher the volume, the lower the unit cost. If you wish to use anything other than standard paper stock, Creative Printing & Publishing will suggest offset printing. Offset is the preferred printing approach when the paper stock has a custom finish.

Whether offset printing is better than digital printing is a question that owners of office printing services companies are often asked. The answer, like many things, is “yes and no.” Offset printing is thought to produce higher quality results. However, digital printing has come a long way, and the two may appear to be the same when seen through the untrained eye. Offset is quicker, and it allows printing on larger sheets of paper. For short runs, digital printing allows companies to get exceptional results for a relatively small outlay. With no apparent difference in quality, offset vs. digital is a matter of volume.

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