Options for Adhesive Tape Products

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Wholesale and Distribution

In the industrial setting, have the right tape is paramount for various applications. A wide range of adhesive tape products is available through a reputable company, offering several benefits with the aim of making your job easier.

Tape Options
Providers of adhesive tape products may offer their standard product line materials as well as custom products that are designed and then fabricated according to your specific needs, with the help of a converting team. Top companies additionally offer complete product lines from the industry’s leading tape manufacturers. Quality tape products are made from many different materials, including silicone, rubber, acrylic and other types of adhesive systems, which include transfer adhesives.

Other Tape Options
Substrates for the adhesive tape include materials such as both double- and single-coated film, fiberglass, foil and foam. You can choose among various tapes such as double-sided tape, double-sided foam tape, pressure-sensitive tape and high-temperature tape. These materials are available in different forms, depending on your needs; for instance, you may prefer a bulk log roll or a product slit to a custom width, die-cut, custom-packaged and including extended liners. The best company in the field is one that offers a large number of adhesive tapes, as it can ultimately help you decrease your supply chain.

Tape Uses
Different tapes have unique uses. Choose bonding tapes for assembly, mounting, and bonding. Meanwhile, foil and high-temperature tape is best for joining, sealing and thermal protection. Foam tapes, on the other hand, are indicated for sealing, mounting and cushioning.

Tape Benefits
Adhesive tape products offer several benefits compared to the types of traditional fixings and fasteners typically used for industrial applications. For instance, these products are simple to apply and are lightweight. Another advantage is that they can bond substrates that are not similar. Their gap-filling properties and uniform thickness further make them a handy product.

Acrylic tapes, which are particularly useful for designing and producing products, are especially popular because of their relatively low odor levels. They also cure quickly and have high impact-resistance. Also, they can improve production processes and speeds, thus reducing assembly time. With the right tape, you can easily and conveniently get your particular job done.

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