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Opening a Restaurant? Hire a Lawyer

Opening a restaurant is an exciting experience, especially if it is your first venture in a big city. As you go through the process of hiring staff, finding a location, and creating your menu, you should also give attention to the more crucial business aspects of the process. What most business operators fail to realize is that opening a restaurant is essentially starting a business. As a result, you need to necessary tools to ensure success. One resource that you must have at your disposal is a Chicago restaurant lawyer and here are some of the reasons why:

Protect Yourself Early

It is much better to protect yourself against litigation than to find yourself in the midst of litigation and in need of protection. The best way to ensure that you are guarded against liabilities, infringement, and compliance issues is to get a quality lawyer to handle such aspects for you.

Your attorney will be able to organize your business in a way that will serve your interests best. For example, a Chicago restaurant lawyer will determine whether a Limited Liability Corporation or Partnership is best.

Contracts are Integral

As a business, you can expect numerous legal contracts to arise. Businesses require contracts between employees, partners, suppliers, and lenders. Chances are, as a restaurant owner, you do not have knowledge in contracts that enables you to handle the task of reviewing or drafting a contract on your own. Therefore, to protect your business, it is best to have a restaurant lawyer draft and review contracts. With a professional taking on the task of contract drafting and review, you will put your business in a better position.

Real Estate Negotiation

Most restaurant owners are under the false impression that lease agreements are non-negotiable. To the contrary, such agreements are negotiable – especially when you have an attorney handling it for you. An attorney can review the agreement between you and the lessor and determine whether the terms of the agreement are fair. The terms are unfair, then your real estate lawyer can implement negotiation tactics and technique to change the status quo to suit you.

Tax and Licensing

Lastly, there is no escape from tax and licensing. Each of these responsibilities is not only consuming, but also requires some level of expertise. Rather than spend time pouring over such tasks, it is best to just have a lawyer handle them for you.

The Law Offices of Howard Berkson established by a Chicago restaurant Lawyer. With experience in real estate, contracts, negotiation, and business entities, clients receive on-point representation by a knowledgeable firm.

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