Misunderstandings About Granite Countertops In Bloomington, MN Upgrades

by | Feb 29, 2016 | Home Improvement

It is not uncommon in Bloomington, MN for homeowners to upgrade their kitchens as a way to give an older home a very new look. Changing old laminate or tile type of kitchen counters to new granite countertops is certainly a good choice and one that not only adds to the look of the kitchen but also provides a long-lasting advantage.

Unfortunately, many people have misinformation or inaccurate information about the practical nature of granite countertops. They may have heard that they are difficult to care for and maintain, which is simply not the case with today’s granite. Options for cleaning and sealing make it an excellent kitchen countertop choice even for very busy and active households.

The Cost Myth

Once you start to compare granite countertops with other options on the market that are as long lasting and beautiful as granite, consumers find this is actually a very reasonably priced option.

There are lower priced countertops out there, but they don’t have the natural look of granite, the beautiful color variations or the durability. Additionally, adding granite in the kitchen and even in the bathrooms adds value to a home.

Granite Goes Out of Style

Granite, marble and travertine, the most common natural stones used in kitchen renovations, are never out of style. You will find these natural stone countertops in designer homes throughout Europe, North America and in the UK through the Middle East and Asia.

It is possible to find granite countertops is some of the most luxurious mansions and custom homes build in any decade, and the popularity of these counters is only continuing to increase.

Granite is Easily Damaged

Granite, like any natural stone, is porous on a very microscopic level. This means that water and acids can cause slight surface discolorations, but these can be easily removed. With a top quality sealant, the risk of this type of damage is minimal, and sealing only has to be done as necessary with the advances in sealant technology.

All granite countertops are naturally resisting to heat and scratching. It is recommended to use trivets and avoid placing hot pots and pans directly on the surface, but this is no different than any other type of countertop.

For anyone considering granite countertops as an upgrade to their Bloomington, MN home, talk to a knowledgeable granite countertop company to get the correct information on these beautiful options for your kitchen.

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