Men and their Health issues

by | May 5, 2012 | Health

Ask a man if he has issues and you will probably get “No’ as a reply. Ask a woman if her man has issues and she will probably give you a list of them!

The fact is that men do not like to admit that there are Health issues they may need to deal with. That does not make them any more real. Men have health issues that are specific to the male gender. At a genetic level, more genetic conditions can affect a male than a female. Women cannot get prostate cancer (the same, as men cannot get breast cancer). The list goes on.

The result has led to the development of new fields of research that have revealed just how complex each gender is. It has also brought about new ways of dealing with Men’s Health and how to keep men healthy.

The approach to men’s health often has to be different simply because men are not programmed to talking about health issues. (It is just not in a man’s DNA). So taking a different tack to how women deal with things is important.

Men often know the facts about some conditions but just refuse to go to the Doctors when feeling ‘under the weather’. It is not because of any fear of anything, but more the attitude of ‘it won’t happen to me’, and when they find out it has, it is already much more serious than they thought it to be.

One of the biggest issues for men as they get older is Prostate cancer; it is a fact that men over a certain age need to go for regular checkups with this. Thankfully, the means of diagnosing this has changed in recent times. Many methods of diagnosing illness can now be performed in a simple blood test.

Now, there are even products on the market that are geared specifically for men and their health. We need to make use of them, as they will improve our lives.

men health

men health

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