Doctors, the dream job

by | May 5, 2012 | Health


There are three jobs that nearly every kid wants to do when he or she grow ups, Firefighter, Pilot or a Doctor. It is only as we grow up that we begin to see that those childhood dreams are actually hard work to achieve. Many of us simply let them fall by the wayside.

To become a Doctor is no easy task and takes a lot of dedication. First, you have to be pretty much at the top of the class all through school. This means being in the top 1% for science subjects) and win a place at a prestigious university.

Next follows anything up to seven years of university and medical school. The first couple of years are spent just learning the science. The last four or five years are both spent in school and doing practical work in hospitals not only learning the craft of being a doctor but also learning the valuable lesson of how hospitals work!

Even after the seven years, Doctors are stationed as the junior doctor on staff and in many countries that’s when they put in the really long hours.

The potential rewards are also there, a well qualified doctor is in constant demand anywhere in the world they choose to go. If you are looking for travel, being a doctor is a good way to achieve this. In addition, many doctors are motivated by a passion to help people and what better way to do this than by diagnosing their conditions and helping them get well.

Financial rewards are also there for the doctor who works hard. Yes, it takes a lot of money to qualify. The choice of where to work and the dearth of Doctors worldwide allow them to earn the money, to pay the fees and move on.

Even after they qualify, their learning is not complete. The opportunity to specialize comes along and they can literally become whatever they want in the medical field.

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