Is There a Difference In Aluminum Plate Suppliers?

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Aluminum Supplier

Sometimes in the construction, fabrication, aerospace and automotive production industries, working with the same supplier year and year out is a great idea. In fact, it may be the best idea as it allows for the development of a working relationship where the supplier understands the needs of the customer.

This, in turn, can lead to the possibility of trying new options in aluminum alloys or in aluminum products that can decrease the cost of production. This is very effective in not only helping out the customer, but it also creates a stronger customer base for the aluminum supplier.

The key factor is in deciding if you are buying from one of the best aluminum plate suppliers. The only way to determine this is to do your research, talk to prospective companies and makes sure to get details to help you to determine the best option based on your company’s needs.

Supply Levels and Pricing

Ideally, the best aluminum plate suppliers for anyone to work with are those with a reliable inventory of the plate required and highly competitive pricing. Metal supply companies offering everything from stainless to exotic metals and alloys may offer aluminum as one of their products, but they will rarely have the type of in-house inventory and competitive pricing an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), fabricator or contractor is looking for.

They also will not offer the best prices. For the best prices and inventory look to a specialized aluminum supply center doing the volume in aluminum to get the best prices from the mills.

Aluminum Manufacturers

Not all extruders and aluminum manufacturers are going to offer the same quality of product. There are different mills and manufacturing facilities across the world and not all product aluminum plate to the same standards.

On the other hand, the recognized names in the aluminum plate manufacturing industry provide a high quality plate, bar and rod to exacting standards and tolerances. Choosing aluminum suppliers offering these types of aluminum products will result in consistent, high-quality products.

Customer Service

It will be important to work with aluminum plate suppliers with a focus on customer service. This means that the company is there to ensure each order placed by their customers is filled according to the specifications and in the timeframe for delivery required.

Customer care and specialized services such as precision cutting add value to the order. This not only saves you money but it also saves you time as your order arrives ready for use without any further processing required.

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