Is it a good time to buy commercial property?

by | Sep 23, 2015 | Real Estate Agency

If you have been looking for commercial property for sale in Mumbai, this would definitely be a great time to invest. The commercial property sector has witnessed huge growth in India over the years and more and more investors are choosing this sector for potentially lucrative returns and several other advantages. The first thing to remember in the present context is that the formation of a stable Government at the Centre and a sense of confidence within industry and business circles has automatically led to a rise in demand for commercial property for sale in Mumbai and other metropolitan cities. Office space demand is increasing by the day and experts forecast even further growth in times to come. You should consider investing in prime commercial property at present and may well get competitive rates and good deals before prices of the same begin to appreciate. This will be a great opportunity to supplement your usual monthly income.

Corporates and global investors are now fueling the commercial realty boom, making it a great time to invest on your part. Additionally, the proposed changes in FDI regulations should also help attract huge investments in Indian real estate for the long haul. This will also lead to greater demand for commercial property for sale in Mumbai and other major Indian cities like Delhi and Bangalore. There are multiple foreign companies who are about to set up shop in India and this will necessitate the provision of office space in huge volumes. Demand for commercial realty will be quite high in the next few years and you should definitely invest now if you want a share of pie in the future.

Commercial property for sale in Mumbai or other major cities will give you high returns and yields as compared to residential property. Average returns from commercial properties and office spaces may well be in the range of 8-10 percent on an annual basis, which is stupendous to say the least. Investing now will give you great supplementary income for the future on account of capital appreciation. The advent of real estate investment trusts of REITs will also boost the growth of the commercial realty sector in India owing to professional management, transparency, liquidity and greater depth. You should invest in projects which offer proper safety measures, power supply, parking spaces and other amenities to occupants. Infrastructure at the project should be top notch for it to attract leading companies and corporates.

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