Finding The Best Available Portable Shampoo Bowl

If you have a salon that caters to seniors and those with mobility issues, you are aware of at least one obvious problem – the sink. A regular sink for shampooing hair is not capable of handling the clients it is awkward for those in wheelchairs to bend back. It places many people in an uncomfortable position. There is also the question of getting them soaked in the process – no matter how you cover their clothing with the right drape. The solution – a portable shampoo bowl.

What Is a Portable Shampoo Bowl?

A shampoo bowl is a piece of equipment used for washing hair. It is found in all hair salons. Typically, they are designed to fit the neck and allow the head to be washed without difficulty and excessive water spillage on the person and or his or her clothes. While there are many different types, the one best suited for working with those who are in wheelchairs, disabled or have mobility issues, is the portable shampoo bowl. It is capable of being adjusted to suit the special needs of its clients. Portability also means it can be used as part of a mobile unit that visits the homes of the elderly and disabled.

Choosing a Portable Shampoo Bowl

Finding a portable shampoo bowl is not difficult. Companies such as Accessible Systems, Inc. offer their version available online. Other companies follow suit. Yet, before you decide on what model for your salon or other use, it is important to consider certain factors:

1. Cost: Know your budget but remember cheap may actually be just that – cheap.

2. Quality: Quality of material and workmanship is important. Research each make and see what they offer in terms of a guarantee

3. Size and Depth: Make sure the size and depth of the bowl fulfills the functions you have while not presenting space constraint issues.

2. Adjustability: A portable shampoo bowl needs to be adjustable. Only if it possesses this characteristic will it be suitable for the different needs of your actual and potential clients

3. Flexibility: Make sure the sink possesses the right attachments to make it more flexible to the circumstance. If the use is for mobile salons or home visits, it is always good to make sure bot the drain hose and water access

4. Stability: The portable shampoos bowl needs to be stable. It ensures the device does not move about while you are washing the hair of your client

Portable Shampoo Bowl

If you are planning to open a salon that includes the disabled, handicapped or elderly, you need to consider the advantages of having the right hair washing equipment. If you want to satisfy all the needs of your clients, It is important to get the basics right. This will mean looking at and then purchasing the right portable shampoo bowl for you and your client’s purpose.

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