How to Prepare Dogs for Visiting Animal Hospitals in Roswell

Dog owners want what’s best for their pets. That doesn’t just mean buying the best food, ensuring they get plenty of exercise, and showing them love. It also means taking them to a veterinarian for well-pet visits and treatment for the occasional injury or illness.

Some dogs become anxious before visiting the veterinarian. Read on to find out how to help anxious animals prepare for their visits to Animal Hospitals in Roswell whether they’re heading in for a wellness check or treatment for an injury or ailment.

Get Socialized

One reason dogs become anxious at animal hospitals is that they are surrounded by new faces, both canine and human. Socializing a dog early in his or her life is a great way to make future vet visits more pleasant. Try enrolling the puppy in obedience classes or head to the local dog park.

Encourage Relaxation

It can be more difficult to help older dogs who have already had negative experiences at animal hospitals to adjust. Helping the animal relax under the veterinarian and staff members’ hands can help a lot. Start at home by touching the animal’s ears, feet, and mouth gently and rewarding the dog for responding in positive ways and have other friends or family members repeat the exercise to make it less likely the pet will lash out when touched by strangers at the hospital.

Notify Staff of Potential Problems

Some dogs just don’t get along with other animals and no amount of obedience training will change their dispositions. When this is the case, owners should notify the staff of their Animal Hospitals in Roswell in advance and keep their dogs outside away from other patients until they’re ready to be seen. This will prevent unnecessary stress and help to ensure that the visit goes smoothly.

The Bottom Line

Visits to the vet can be stressful for any dog, but ensuring that dogs are well-socialized at a young age and taking precautionary steps to handle dogs that have existing veterinary anxiety can really help. Want to find a new vet that will go out of the way to provide a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment to help a pup overcome his or her anxiety? Check out The Animal Hospital of Nesbit Ferry Crossing online today.

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