Choosing a Reputable Surgeon when Cataract Surgery in Honolulu is Needed is Important for a Successful Procedure

by | Oct 11, 2019 | eye Surgery

A natural lens within the eye helps with vision by bending the light rays that come into contact with the eye. In order for the individual maintain good vision, the lens must remain clear at all times. Should the lens become cloudy, Cataract Surgery in Honolulu may be needed.

Cataracts are the most common type of vision loss for individuals. It is especially common in individuals who are over the age of 40 years and is the principal cause of blindness. Little is known as to why individuals eyes change with age and develop cataracts, but there are proven risk factors including diabetes, smoking, obesity, family history and UV radiation from sunlight or other sources.


There are three forms of cataracts that may develop.

  • Subcapsular cataract. A form of cataracts that occurs at the back of the eye’s lens. Subcapsular cataracts are most common in individuals who have diabetes or who are taking a high dosage of steroid medications.
  • Nuclear cataract. A nuclear cataract forms in the lens’ central zone- also known as the nucleus. It is most associated with aging individuals.
  • Cortical cataract. This form of cataracts forms in the lens cortex which surrounds the nucleus.

Cloudy vision may be tolerable for some; however, as time goes on many individuals find it hard to perform day to day activities. An ophthalmologist can perform Cataract Surgery in Honolulu to restore an individual’s vision by replacing the eye’s cloudy natural lens with an artificial one. Choosing a qualified surgeon is essential for a successful procedure. Listed below are a few steps to help select an ophthalmologist.

  • Talk with a regular eye doctor. If the individual’s eye doctor is not a qualified surgeon, they may recommend someone based upon the individual’s needs.
  • Ask family and friends. A good way to ensure that a reputable surgeon is chosen is by asking those who have had cataract surgery. Those who have had a positive experience will be able to recommend a well-qualified surgeon.

It is important to feel confident and comfortable with the ophthalmologist as well as their staff. Be sure to ask for information including benefits and risks to ensure the surgery is a good fit. For more information, visit the Hawaii Vision Clinic today.

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