How To Hire Long Distance Movers In Plainview, TX

Moving is a stressful job that requires a lot of physical labor. Why not let Long Distance Movers in Plainview TX do the job for you? Professional movers pack the house and provide the packing materials. They wrap large items in moving blankets so they aren’t scratched. Start the process by finding a company you’re comfortable with.

Ask For Recommendations

Almost everyone knows someone who’s moved. Ask friends, neighbors and family members for referrals. Check online for company reviews once you get a list. Interstate movers should be registered with the federal government and have a U.S. DOT number. Check with the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) to see if the company is registered. FMCSA also tells consumers whether the company has any complaints.

The company must send a representative to the home to give an estimate. It’s a good idea to get at least three estimates. Experts remind consumers to look beyond the lowest estimate. The important thing is having the items moved safely and on time. Remember, Long Distance Movers in Plainview TX must follow the 110 percent rule. This regulation requires movers to charge no more than 10 percent above a non-binding estimate.

Things To Expect

The moving company gives the customer an order for service. The order details everything the mover will do and the date of the move. Further, the mover should give the consumer a partial bill of lading once everything is packed and they’re ready to leave. The bill of lading acts as a receipt for the consumer. Finally, the mover needs to complete an inventory list. This list contains everything packed and the condition it’s in. The consumer and mover should agree on the condition of the item.

Protecting Your Belongings

Interstate movers must offer consumers liability coverage. The consumer has a choice of full value protection or released value protection. The customer pays for full value protection while released value protection is included with the move. Full value makes the mover liable for replacing lost or damaged items that cost more than $100.00. Under released value, the mover pays just 60 cents per pound for damaged or lost items. For more information, visit byroncowlingmovingandstorage.com.

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