When Mover Services Involve Specialty Moving

by | May 23, 2024 | Moving Companies

There are several types of moving services available. Residential and commercial are used to describe the two major categories. There are also mover services in Asheville NC, that fill a specific niche. These are described as specialty moving services. Depending upon your definition or description of the term, it can describe diverse services.

Specialty Moving Services

All moving companies in Asheville NC consider they offer their customers a special service. Many recognize the uniqueness of each move. There is some truth in this. No two moves are identical.

However, this does not characterize them as specialty mover services or services as unique. In the moving business, certain categories are considered specialty moving. Among them are the following two:

Odd or Large Items: If a company moves appliances, pianos, antique armoires, gym equipment, desks, healthcare equipment (e.g., hospital beds), washers, and/or dryers, it is performing a specialty move. These items require special crates and/or pallets. They demand specific types of wraps and tie-downs.

Senior Moves: Some companies specialize in moving seniors. This can be from one home to another. It can also be from their home to a senior’s residence. Other options also exist.

Senior moves differ from traditional residential moves. Mover services in this instance may involve helping the elderly sort through their items before packing them. Such moves also require a different approach. The elderly may need special attention. In many cases, the moving company has on staff an individual who can address and manage the specific needs of the senior who must move.

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