How To Evaluate Valve Distributors

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Industrial Supplier

For most projects, the choice in valves is not as simple as just choosing a ball valve over a check valve or selecting a Kitz brand of valve over a Warren brand valve. In many cases, talking to experienced, knowledgeable valve distributors can help to find the ideal valve for the specific application.

The Importance of the Right Valve

Experienced valve distributors are provided with information, education, and training on the specifics of the valves made by the manufacturer. In addition, most of the team working at industrial supply distributors have experience in the field, which means they have used many of the products they sell in real-world applications.

When talking to a new company under consideration as a pipe, valve and fittings supplier, it is important to test the waters for experience. Asking the sales rep to make a recommendation based on the information you provide for the project, can give you clear insight into their practical knowledge and ability to know which valves should be considered for the job.

Inventory for Fast Order Turnaround

It may not be essential on every order to have fast turnaround time from ordering to shipping, but it will be important at some point in time. A supplier and distributor with a significant on-hand inventory has the advantage of being able to ship quickly, which is an essential consideration when there is a need for a valve on a job.

Similarly, working with the best valve distributors also means emergency shipping is possible. These companies have the expertise in getting materials and parts to their customers in the shortest period of time. This is another issue you may only have to use once, but if the distributor can come through and get the valve to you in a very short period of time, it is great for your company’s reputation.

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