Dodge Bearings: The Dodge Solidlube Solution

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Industrial Supplier

Texas is home to many industries requiring power transmission solutions. While several companies supply solutions, Dodge is renowned for the quality of its products. In fact, over the 120 years, Dodge-Baldor has been in operation, it should come as no surprise that many companies only install Dodge bearings, preferring them to all others. One of the models currently available is Solidlube® Sleeve Bearings.

Solidlube® Sleeve Bearings

Dodge offers a wide variety of bearings distinctively engineered to provide reliable performance. They all feature some type of advanced and unique technology ideal for handling temperatures that can range from extreme cold to punishing heat. In general, these bearings feature the characteristics common to all Dodge bearings. They are durable, tough and are low-maintenance. All such features extend their service life making them very cost-effective.

The Solidlube sleeve bearing is no exception. They:

Are statically self-aligning
Feature two series: 700 and 1000
Can handle extreme temperatures: Each model addresses a certain temperature range
700 Series: They deal with temperatures ranging from -40°F to 700°F
1000 Series: This series handles temperatures ranging from -200°F to -40°F and 250°F to 1000°F
Are self-lubricating: This is essential in applications where the placement, space or location of the machinery make it difficult to apply lubrication


These bearings work in extreme environmental conditions when other fails to do so. Their construction handles industrial applications and situations both on land and beneath the water. They form an important part of many Texas companies that require the placement of diverse power transmission equipment beneath the surface of the water or within a vacuum. They have no issue with the transportation of corrosive liquids, or in situations where the shaft movement is limited.

Solidlube® Sleeve Dodge bearings

Dodge provides its customers with high-quality, durable power transmission products, including Solidlube® Sleeve Dodge bearings. Among the many long-time customers are those in Texas. They continue to support the innovative advances Baldor-Dodge continues to put forth.

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