How Judge Information Can Help A Florida Lawyer

As an attorney, providing the best possible representation for your client is the number one priority. This means not only preparing for your case and complete intensive pre-trial work, but it also means knowing as much about the judge hearing the case as possible.

In Florida, and in many states across the USA, it is possible to avoid having to spend hours with online searches and extensive reviews of courtroom dockets to find this important information. Legal analytics companies have the ability to compile comprehensive reports on judge information, and all the attorney has to do is make the request.

The Reports

Finding the right style of a report to make sense of the judge information is always a critical determining factor in choosing an analytics company. Some provide just the data, while others use graphs, charts, grids, and graphics to make it quick and easy to spot trends and to gather both basic as well as advanced information.

The more easily available and user-friendly the data on the judge information report, the more usable it is for a new attorney or an experienced litigator. The detail and the options in the report also vary between analytic services, so reviewing what is included in the report before placing an order is highly recommended.

The Professional Edge

Having publicly available information on past cases, motions, dockets, and preferences in case law for the judge in one place is a plus in preparing motions and planning the strategy.

It also allows the attorney to more accurately answer questions about their strategy from the client while relying on actual data and past performance by the judge. This is not only a benefit to the case, but it also provides an edge to an attorney in Florida in working with and keeping clients informed throughout the process.

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