Healthy Knowledge: Signs That You May Be Developing Varicose Veins

by | Aug 16, 2019 | Health

Varicose veins affect more people than you might imagine. There are a lot of signs that may be warning you that you are developing this issue. It may be a good idea to learn about those signs so that you can visit a medical clinic that specializes in this ailment.

Red Spots

Anyone can develop this problem, but there are some people who may be more likely than others, such as those who work or live a sedentary lifestyle and those with a family history of red varicose veins. People who carry extra weight may also develop this issue. One sign that it could be happening to you is if you see red spots around your veins. These little spots could be blood vessels that burst, and now you are just seeing the residue.

Peeling or Itching

Another sign that something may be developing is seeing peeling or itchy skin develop around the lower part of your legs. This could also be a side effect to your veins bulging from the inside. The blood is simply unable to get back to heart, creating a pool that stretches your veins out and causing this skin-related manifestation.

An Unnatural Look

You should also consider visiting a medical clinic that specializes in this problem if you notice unnatural coloring around your legs. This again is another manifestation linked to what is happening with your veins. Sometimes, you will see discoloration develop, but other times, you may see a strange shine. It should seem visible because the shine will only be concentrated around the bottom of your legs and nowhere else.

Keep in mind that these signs could appear individually, but they could also appear all at once. If you do notice that it is happening all at once, then the varicose veins ailment is entering its later stages. It might not be long before you actually start seeing bulging veins. Talk to a medical specialist about what you are experiencing. It could be in its early stages, and there may be treatments that could help you.

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