A Divorce Attorney in Tacoma WA Helps With Equitable Distribution of Assets

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Health

Washington State requires that divorcing couples divide their assets so there is an equitable distribution. When couples have been married a long time and have a significant amount of assets, the situation becomes complex. Each needs a Divorce Attorney in Tacoma WA for representation to make sure they receive their fair share.

A Stressful Situation

Getting divorced is bound to be stressful, even when the split is relatively amicable. Trying to come to agreements on property division can make matters worse. If one spouse believes the other is trying to get more than he or she has the right to, hard feelings will develop. One way that a Divorce Attorney in Tacoma WA can help defuse the situation is by verifying that the other spouse is actually being reasonable under state law and not demanding more than is deserved.

Community Property

Washington is a community property state, so any assets the spouses acquired after the marriage must be distributed equally. Normally, anything owned by one or the other before they were married does not count in the community property division.

Possible Exceptions

There are exceptions to this that a lawyer can explain. For example, if one spouse owned a home before the marriage and then took out a mortgage on it to pay for the other spouse’s business venture, the situation becomes complicated.

There also may be exceptions to division of assets for inheritances or large gifts to one person from a relative. This individual may have inherited $50,000 from a parent during the marriage, for example. Having an attorney such as Kevin G. Byrd who fully understands Washington community property laws is important so that each spouse keeps the assets he or she is entitled to.

Resolving Disagreements

Most divorces, even complicated ones, are now resolved entirely through negotiation, collaboration or mediation sessions. Couples generally do not want to go to court and have a judge make important decisions for them. The property division agreement must be approved by the court, however. This should not be a problem if the spouses have each had their own divorce lawyers assisting them with the process.

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