Has the Time Come for New Eye Glasses in Colorado Springs CO?

People who wear glasses understand that investing in new lenses from time to time is necessary. As visual acuity changes, a different prescription is needed in order to enjoy the highest quality of vision. Here are some of the signs that the time has come to call an optometrist and see if there is the need for a get a new pair of eye glasses in Colorado Springs CO.

Holding the Book Closer

One of the signs that the time has arrived for a new pair of Eye Glasses in Colorado Springs CO is the fact that reading requires holding the book or magazine a little closer. Over time, the distance between the eyes and the reading material will continue to shrink. The best solution is to have the eyes checked and invest in a new prescription. Doing so will mean that it is once again possible to read without having the book shoved up to the nose.

Traffic Signs are Harder to Read

In times past, reading traffic signs was not hard at all. Everything was clear even at night. Now the driver finds that it is sometimes necessary to squint in order to make out a traffic sign or read the address on a house. This is definitely a sign that the time has come to invest in a new pair of Eye Glasses.

The Television Screen is Blurry

While there is the chance that the television is beginning to wear out, do not assume the blurry image is the fault of the set. If others in the household are not having any trouble seeing the picture clearly, that means the issue is most likely the eye glasses. The only way to know for sure is to have an examination. Once those new glasses arrive, it will be possible to enjoy television again.

Remember that the eyes are intended to last a lifetime. Regular examinations will identify any changes in the quality of vision and make it possible to adjust a prescription. If it has been some time since the last exam, call for an appointment today. Doing so will ensure that any issues are corrected without delay.

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