Four Unexpected Services Provided By a Printing Shop in Orange County

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Digital Printing

Customers often turn to print shops for pictures, pamphlets, and business cards. These common items are ordered on a regular basis. While they may be the most common, they are actually not the only objects offered. A Printing shop in Orange County provides four unexpected services as well.

Creating Calendars

Many head to the store before each year ends to purchase a new calender. While this is a fine option, another is having a personalized calendar created instead. A print shop can take a customer’s photos and ideas into consideration and create a customized calendar just for them. Rather than having an average calendar filled with pictures of nature or animals, family members and important memories will be showcased.

Yielding Yard Signs

Whether a garage sale is going on or a security sign is needed, customers can have personalized yard signs made to fit their needs. Signs can be created in either 24 by 18 or 24 by 12 dimensions. They are designed on a lightweight plastic material and can be tailor-made the way the customer wants them.

Designing Decals

Stores often carry pre-made decals that can be stuck to the wall and safely removed later. Those looking for a custom decal to decorate can have one designed at a print shop. They offer large 36 by 48 inch decals that are removable. Whether a business needs a decal that showcases their logo, or a homeowner wants a unique character for their child’s room, the decal can be designed at a print shop.

Forming Tax Forms

Businesses in need of tax forms can have them created by a printing company. There are numerous templates available that will allow business owners to choose which ones best represent their company and find the right forms they require.

A Printing shop in Orange County offers a lot more than pamphlets and business cards. Customers can think of anything they need printed up and designed, and the print shop should be able to create it. From tax forms to yard signs, and even calendars and decals, a wide range of products can be made and printed from a printing company.

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