Folding Cartons: Durable And Environmentally Friendly

by | Jun 22, 2016 | Corrugated and Paperboard

Today, practically everything comes in packaging. A carton is a form of packaging. Sometimes referred to as a box, a carton may contain anything from drink to pharmaceuticals. To meet the demands of marketers, cartons come in a variety of formats. Among the most common variations on this theme are folding cartons.

Cartons as Packaging

As packaging, cartons are used throughout the industry. They are made from either paperboard or corrugated fiberboard. To meet the demands of the industry as well as health, safety and other government regulations, manufacturers produce two basic purposeful types. These are:

  1. Shelf-Stable or aseptic – These feature a thin sheet of aluminum
  2. Refrigerated or gable top

Manufacturers design and produce a folding carton to contain lightweight products. In the industry, they also refer to it as box board. It comes in a variety of styles including boxes and trays. As the name indicates, a folding carton is formed by folding the material into shape. These shapes can range from a simple square to a hexagon. Companies can also order customized folding cartons.

The process begins with paperboard or other material. The manufacturer first cuts the paperboard. It then folds the material before laminating it. After this, the company prints on it such things as the desired brand, instructions or other signage as requested by the packager before shipping it off. In this way, the carton becomes its own form of advertising.

Why Should You Choose Cartons?

Cartons are a standard form of packaging. They are used to meet a number of demands – functional, legal and aesthetic. Cartons:

  • Preserve its contents
  • Meet government standards concerning health and safety
  • Are durable
  • May be designed for the product therefore helping to create a brand
  • Can create a pleasurable and/or noticeable pleasurable visual experience
  • Are inexpensive form of packaging
  • Are made from renewable materials

In fact, there are many reasons why manufacturers choose to use cartons for almost all of their packaging.

Folding Cartons: Environmentally Friendly and Inexpensive Packaging

The folding carton comprises a significant amount of market packaging demands. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be ordered to suit. Cartons of all types are made from recyclable and recycled resources. The result is a product that is more environmentally friendly than those made from other materials are. Inexpensive, durable and easily customized, folding cartons will continue to dominate the highly demanding and competitive product packaging market.

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