Branding And Marking Components With Laser Marking Services

by | Jun 23, 2016 | Medical Equipment

In many applications, particularly in medical and dental equipment components or items, medical implants, firearms parts or any other components for specialized applications, branding or marking of the parts may be a critical consideration.

In some cases, as with medical implants and devices, the use of laser marking may be mandatory to match all current production requirements and regulations. For other companies, the use of laser marking services may be more of a branding component, but it is a permanent way to identify components or parts for end users.

What to Include

As mentioned above, some specific types of devices, particularly medical implants, will fall under the Food and Drug Administrations UDI or Unique Device Identification program. These devices will need to processed by laser marking services with an understanding of what is required under the regulations and the specific location and types of information that needs to be provided on the device.

While the company manufacturing the device will always determine what is to be placed on the engraving, having a company familiar with the regulations can spot any oversights, errors or omissions and bring them to the attention of your design team.

With other components that are not regulated, determining what to laser engrave on the surface of the component and where the engraving should be positioned is more of a preference.

Generally, laser marking services will be able to include company logos, company names, product parts and manufacturer’s identification or other specialized types of designs or information. In most cases, if the image or design can be developed in a CAD, bitmap or vector graphic format it can be reproduced on the component by a quality laser engraving service.

Materials to Consider

With the use of a laser engraver or marker, there is a much wider range of materials that can go through the process. Once reserved just for metals and alloys, it is now possible to laser mark rubber, ceramics and most types of plastic.

Choosing the right size of engraving and the correct font to make the laser engraving easy to see and read can be more difficult and needs to take into consideration the type of material and the component size.

Working with a design team from top laser marking services will help in determining the best component for your prototype or large production part when you have the ability to choose.

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