Fiberglass Reinforcing Mesh: Types And Applications

by | Apr 5, 2016 | Roofing

If you are looking for material to act as a reinforcement for certain products, you should consider fiberglass reinforcement mesh. This material is composed of several types of fiberglass fabric coated to provide alkaline resistance. The result is a product that is both soft and hard. It has a firm joint. Overall, the material features good weather resistance and high fire retardant qualities. This works together with other desirable properties to produce a sought after material. Moreover, you can easily store the mesh for several months without it suffering any negative effects e.g. yellowing.

Types of Fiberglass Material

Fiberglass is an inorganic, human-produced, non-metallic material. It is comprised of minute glass filaments. It can be produced in various forms; these will vary in characteristics – some are more tensile because of the type of resins added. In this, it is similar to many other manufactured products. Among the many forms it may assume are the following:

• Fiberglass mesh

• Fiberglass grating

• Fiberglass screen

• Fiberglass panel

• Fiberglass tape

• Fiberglass fabric

• Fiberglass cloth

Of these various manifestations, fiberglass mesh provides the ideal reinforcing material for a variety of applications. It offers the right tensile strength (high) and minimum elongation properties. Combine this with a choice of colors and the ability to assume different shapes. The overall characteristic makes fiberglass mesh desirable in many diverse industrial, commercial and residential situations.

Applications of Fiberglass Reinforcement Mesh

As the term indicates, fiberglass mesh can act as a reinforcement for certain applications. It is very popular among certain industries and trades. It uses is popular in the following, but not restricted to them:

• Stucco systems

• Reinforcing of concrete walls

• Concrete structures – specifically in the form of mesh tape products and netting Rolls

• Exterior wall insulation

• Flooring

• Backing for mosaic and ceramic tiles

• Reinforcement of asphalt

• Reinforcing natural marble

• Reinforcing plaster board

• Backing for artificial stone

• Jointing plaster plates

• Mending drywall racks

In many ways, reinforced mesh is the ideal product in a wide variety of construction when combined with the right materials.

Fiberglass Reinforcement Mesh

Fiberglass mesh has many desirable qualities. It provides the materials it reinforces with high tensile strength as well as high rigidity and elasticity but low elongation. At the same time, it also registers high in both chemical and weather resistance. The product is cost-effective while offering scale stability and solid heat and shock resistance. Overall, its capabilities for multi-applications makes fiberglass reinforcement mesh a suitable material for many forms of indoor and outdoor industrial, commercial and construction purposes.

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