4 Types of Photo Booths For Your Event

A photo booth is a really popular option at parties. They are an old staple of shopping malls, movie theaters and big events. For a lot of guests, they are a thrilling addition to the evening and a lot of fun to set up and reap the benefits of. Once you’ve chosen to go that route though, you may not have known the kinds of options that you have. Photo booths are not just a one size fits all kind of deal. There are several varieties that might fit your specific needs. Here are four types of booth you might consider.

Basic Photo Booth

One of the major concerns when deciding on a booth is the amount of space it might take up. If you’re limited then the basic booth might be a great option for you. It is in a stand-up style that is easy to set up anywhere. Stairs and elevators won’t be an issue.

Elite Photo Booth

This is not a space saving booth. It is a steel photo booth that can hold up to twelve people inside. This is really for the party that wants to go all out. Not only does it take photos but it is also capable of video recording and custom logos.

Traditional Photo Booth

This is the kind of booth that you have probably seen before. It is a very classic style but can come in more modern renditions. It tends to hold about five people per picture. While it is traditional, its technology is still up to date, allowing for a lot of fun options.

Slow Motion Photo Booth

This is a booth that a lot of guests have fun with at parties. It allows for video recording in slow motion. This allows for a lot of goofing off in front of the camera without worrying about blurry pictures. At the end of the session, guests can choose the stills that they like the best to print out.

There is no lack of variety when it comes to choosing a photo booth for your party. Many also come with a lot of different options, so regardless of the choice, you can rest assured that they will be enjoyable.

If your event or party could use another way to capture all of the important moments, then you might want to consider a photo booth. With the variety to choose from, it may be hard to decide, but a photo booth could be a great benefit. To know more visit ISH Events. You can also like them on Facebook.

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