Dry Erase Wall Board vs. Dry Erase Paint

Depending on the type of person you are, you can never go too far from your notebook and pen. Some people carry little notebooks or Moleskins with them at all times. The problem with this approach is that if you have too many you can run into the risk of never finding what you wrote down. One solution to the type of mind that always wants to be able to write something down, be it a small note about work, or a reminder about chores, is a dry erase wall board. The board does have a limitation though. It is usually a small piece that must be hung. The alternative is dry erase paint, which when not in use blends into the surroundings.

Size matters as well, a dry erase wall board is limited to a fixed, usually modest size. This makes sense since any board you have to hang can look garish and stick out from the wall. Even on a white wall the hanging board will stand out. Dry erase paint on the other hand can be a completely clear finish to blend into the wall seamlessly. The other problem with a dry erase wall board is that it has to be stuck to the wall somehow. If it’s stuck on with nails and a frame it can be heavy, wire hanger makes it less attractive, and tape means it’s stuck to the wall and can’t be easily removed.

A dry erase wall board is a useful thing, but it’s not as useful as dry erase paint. The one advantage is that if properly hung it can be easily removed to be written on like a tablet. Anything small enough to hold to write on might be too small depending on how much you actually want to write on it. If you’re the sort who likes to write big and bold to outline things properly then having a limited amount of space can be a pain, especially if one considers the size and thickness of the average dry erase marker. Either way you go it is nice having the ability to put a thought or idea in big easily read letters on the wall. If it’s a note for someone else then hanging it within eye sight makes it easier to find then a glued note stuck on the kitchen. The best part about dry erase wall boards and dry erase paint? It can be easily wiped clean at a moment’s notice if the message is no longer useful, or if it needs to be replaced with something more important.

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